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Judi Cohen

Founder Warrior One

Warrior One

Judi Cohen formed Warrior One and created Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers®, nationally recognized for its originality and excellence in integrating traditional mindfulness, groundbreaking neuroscience and the science and psychology of the legal mind, which she presents at firms, in-house departments, bench and bar associations, legal conferences, and law schools. She also teaches Mindfulness for Lawyers at Berkeley Law, and chairs the Teachers Division of the Mindfulness in Law Society. She is a founding member of the Bay Area Working Group for Law and Meditation, a group of lawyers, judges, mediators, and law professors who have met monthly since 2003 with Zen teacher Norman Fischer to investigate the intersection of mindfulness and law.

Judi’s work and the work of Warrior One have been featured in various publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Oregon Bar Journal, and others. She is the author of numerous articles and blog posts on the importance of mindfulness for effective lawyering and to cultivate greater happiness and wellbeing in the law. Judi also leads The Wake Up Call, Warrior One’s weekly, online community of legal professionals working to integrate mindfulness solutions into the profession.

Prior to founding Warrior One, Judi practiced law from 1984 to 2014, and during ten of those years, also taught academic courses at the University of San Francisco School of Law. Judi lives in Sonoma, California, with her husband, Carl Speizer, a physician, yoga therapist, and yoga therapeutics instructor.

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