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Lee Angela Holcomb

Lawyer Yoga

Lee Holcomb started her legal career in 1998 in Tennessee. In 2006, she made partner–and had her first child. When her husband took an overseas position with the U.S. State Department, Lee was at first reluctant to leave her firm. But her desire to have a second child led her to take a giant step. On December 23, 2006, with two small children, she boarded a plane to Poland. Shortly after she arrived in Warsaw, Lee began planning her return to the legal workforce. This would ultimately take her to India, where she essentially started over in a part-time position with an international legal outsourcing provider. Thus began her second legal career path, which would eventually lead her to become the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Legal Services of the same company. Lee is currently on the third stage of her career: as an author, speaker, consultant and yoga/wellness coach for stressed-out attorneys. For more information see